“Unworthy Republic” by Claudio Saunt

“Narrator Stephen Bowlby’s empathetic style smartly lets the story’s damning evidence speak for itself. He seamlessly captures the bureaucratic ineptitude and cruel governmental indifference…”  – Audiofile Magazine

“Miami Blues” by Charles Williford

“I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed listening to your reading of ‘Miami Blues.’ Great voice acting and a wonderful ‘re-read’ of one of my favorite books.” – A gracious listener

“Stephen Bowlby was brilliant as always. In fact, I found this book because I searched for other books he has narrated.”

“Buried Caesars” by Stuart M. Kaminsky

“Bowlby is a smart choice for these swift-paced tales. He endows Peters with a wry, mildly world-weary voice that comes across as tough without sounding rough. He saves the full hardboiled effect for Peters’s eternally angry homicide detective brother, Phil. Peters’s office-mate, Sheldon Minck, the world’s most unsanitary dentist, sounds as slurry, whiny, and needy as he is on the page. As for Bowlby’s interpretations of General Douglas MacArthur and Dashiell Hammett, their personalities – stern and humorless for the general, slightly bemused and relaxed for the writer – fit hand in glove with what we know from the history books.” –Publishers Weekly

“Smart Moves” by Stuart M. Kaminsky

“When one listens to this WWII comic thriller, narrator Stephen Bowlby inhabits so many distinctive, memorable characters that it’s hard to believe he’s narrating all by himself. . . . Bowlby makes even the bit players shine in this energetic production.” –Audiofile Magazine

“Shangai Factor” by Charles McCarry

“Bowlby’s characters are distinct and he differentiates between each of them subtly, never going over the top into caricature. Fans of McCarry will be as pleased, both with this latest outing and with Bowlby’s smooth, professional reading.” –Publishers Weekly

“Onward: How Starbucks Fought for its Life” by Howard Schultz

“Stephen Bowlby’s blunt, hard-driving narration is well-matched to Schultz’s direct account.” –Audiofile Magazine

“Very Cold for May” by William P. McGivern

“This mystery plays out like a combination noir and screwball comedy, and it’s an excellent fit for narrator Stephen Bowlby. Bowlby sets the tone by creating characters who speak exactly as they should for the period and place. This is a choice performance of McGivern’s fast and funny dialogue combined with surprising plot twists. Fun listening.” –Audiofile Magazine